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About Vinyl Plank Flooring (aka Luxury Vinyl Flooring)

There are some noticeable similarities between laminate flooring and vinyl plank. For example both are constructed largely or completely from synthetic materials, both are constructed in layers, both are relatively less expensive than hardwood and stone tile, and both are known to be durable depending on the thickness and quality of manufacturing.

Where vinyl plank gets a few more check boxes over laminate in the eyes of many is its ease of cleaning/maintenance, waterproof, more realistic visuals (mimics hardwood, ceramic or natural stone effectively), extremely durable (typically 20 years) and is available in a seemingly endless variety of styles and thicknesses.

At Alberta First Flooring we have earned a reputation for being very knowledgeable on the topic of vinyl plank flooring and we also have a fantastic selection to choose from! Don’t take our word for it though. Check out our Reviews page and feel free to call, email or stop by our showroom during business hours to discover if vinyl plank is right for your next flooring project!

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