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About Carpet Floor Covering

Simply stated, carpet is a textile floor covering designed for the purpose of warmth and comfort underfoot. Both natural and synthetic fibres are used as the source materials in carpet manufacturing. The varieties in style, colour and other unique properties are many. You get what you pay for when it comes to carpet as the higher the quality the longer it lasts; many years in fact.

Among the various types of carpet are saxony, twist, loop (aka Berber), velvet, and woven. These types in turn are grouped into 2 main categories, namely, tufted and woven due to the manufacturing process of each.

Just how is carpet made?

Carpet is like hardwood in that it has been around fro centuries and y extension so has the carpet-making process. No matter if it’s traditional or modern manufacturing the process begins with yarn being spun and dyed.  From there, the varying textures and types of carpet requires varying methods. 

Benefits of carpet floor coverings

Affordable: Compared to hard flooring such as laminate, luxury vinyl tiles or wood, carpet costs less to fit.
Warm: Carpet has insulating properties
Comfortable: Soft and cozy underfoot
Quiet: Noise reduction occurs as the carpet absorbs ambient sound in a room.
Safe: Reduced slipping hazards
Stylish: Soft furnishings are often complemented well by carpeting.
Versatile: A multitude of styles, colours and types means there is something for every taste and budget.
Flexible: Carpet has the ability to disguise uneven subfloors.
Ease of maintenance: Most carpets require little more than a weekly vacuum (and sometimes, an annual deep clean)

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