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About Cork Flooring

Not surprisingly, cork flooring is made from the bark of cork oak trees which, once harvested is dried and cut into planks. Sustainably sourced and harvested, cork has wide appeal with its negative environmental impact as a renewable resource.

Typically cork flooring suppliers refrain from using sealants and adhesives made from toxic chemicals. This gives the owner of a home with cork flooring peace of mind knowing that it is safe for family and pets.


Benefits of Cork Flooring

Comfortable/Resilient: Just 1/4 inch of cork in a floating floor provides exceptional cushioning for the feet, knees and back. Why? Each cubic inch contains roughly 200 million air cells!

Allergy/Asthma-friendly: Since cork is rersistant to dust, dirt, mites, and other allergens, people suffering from allegies or asthmatics enjoy improved air quality.

Warm/Quiet: The 200 million air cells per cubic inch of cork mentioned earlier also provide a natural thermal barrier and it also insulates against sound. People in colder climates appreciate the thermal properties of cork flooring.

Mold/Insect/Fire Resistant: Aside from the properties that help reduce allergens, cork flooring natuarlly contains an antimicrobial wax called suberin. Moisture, mold, bugs, and believe it or not even fire is repelled by suberin!

Eco-Friendly: As a certified carbon-negative material, cork forest absorb millions of tons of carbon from the atmosphere every year. Cork oaks live up to 200 + years. Their bark regrows every 9 years.

Alberta First Flooring is proud to offer our clients such a sustainable flooring option. Browse our swatches of cork flooring below!